(19.8.2017) According to the observations at (13:30)hrs M.S.T today, the low pressure area over the Northwest Bay of Bangal and adjoining Odisha coast (India) still persists. Monsoon is moderate to strong over the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.

Temperature Outlook

Significant Minimum Temperature Outlook (16.12.2013)
(Issued (13:30)hrs. M.S.T on 16-12-2013) According to the observations at (06:30)hrs M.S.T today, due to the intrusion of cold air from Northern India, night temperatures were significantly fall about (5°C)to (6°C)below December average temperatures in Upper Sagaing, Bago and Ayeyarwady Regions, Northern Shan State, (3°C)to (4°C)below December average temperatures in Lower Sagaing, Mandalay and Yangon Regions, Southern Shan and Rakhine States. According to the weather forecast, dry weather and decrease of night temperatures will remain in the whole country within next (5)days commencing this afternoon.